Pain is common after surgical procedures. In this case analysis, we evaluate the treatment of acupuncture for groin pain, post op transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).

(TAVR) in this woman’s case is done through a small incision in the groin to access the femoral artery, in which through the aortic valve was accessed.

The surgery was a success, however it left the patient with nagging groin pain for years. She tried physical therapy, chiropractic, seen other physicians who would only prescribe her pain medications and other acupuncturists.

When she finally came to Dr. Patrick Lynch of Sky Ridge Acupuncture for groin pain, she was able to have her pain resolved in 1 treatment. Dr. Lynch took a different approach to her pain than most acupuncturists would.

There are many different styles of acupuncture. They all work; though patient presentations and constitutions depend on which style will have effectiveness. Some people are more receptive to one style or another. Others need a combination of multiple styles. For some practitioners, it is hard to know.

Case Study

72 year old woman presented with a chief complaint of right groin pain. She has had pain for the last 7 years since her surgery. The pain was generally a nagging pain 3 out of 10 on the 1-10 pain scale. She has seen other practitioners and not had success. The surgeon made an incision in the groin and went up through the groin, through the femoral artery area to perform arctic valve replacement surgery. Since her surgery she has had chronic pain in her groin, anxiety and the quality of sleep has been compromised. She has not had any other issues. She did inquire about losing weight, however did not want to change her diet of rich foods and baked goods.

Her urination was normal, BM’s normal; vision, hearing, appetite and thirst were all normal. She was not on any meds at the time and seemed to be quite content with life other than living off of a weak paycheck of social security with little medical benefits.

Her pulses were deficient, -2 across the board on both sides; left side slightly stronger. Her tongue was wet, slightly scalloped with a dusky coat.

I treated her 4 times. The first treatment we concentrated on resolving pain and addressing her constitution. The treatment consisted of Kid3, Kid 6, Kid7, Kid 24, Kid 27, PC7, SI4, HT3 and an usher point on the lower aspect of the trapezius to address the groin pain along with LIV5. Akabane on the hands and feet were also performed. The patient’s pain was gone before she left that day.

The second treatment the patient returned with more energy, her pulses had more life to them and her pain was still gone with a little ache here and there. The quality of her sleep still remained to be an issue. Her main complaint this time was anxiety and weight loss. Being that she had anxiety and trouble sleeping since the surgery I considered external and internal possession and aggressive energy. Sublte to moderate chronic presentations are common post surgical procedures. Many times they can be cleared quickly in just a few acupuncture treatments, if the practitioner knows what treatments to provide.

That day I gave her an External Dragon acupuncture treatment, then needled the same usher point for groin pain and LIV5, then tonified the acupuncture Earth element points, per her constitution.

She returned for the third treatment with no pain, her sleep was much better and she stated she felt like the previous treatment was the best treatment she ever had. She wanted the same treatment again. I explained as the mind, body and Spirit changes, so does one’s presentation and treatment and that we needed to stay on course and always take aspects of her being in the moment into consideration with each treatment. I always complete blocks to treatments once I start them, so we resumed with Internal Dragon treatment, then again tonifying the earth element points at the end. This time I did not needle the usher point for pain, as I wanted to see how long the previous treatments would hold for her groin pain.

Upon her return the following week, her pain was still gone, her anxiety was inexistent, but she had the strong desire to lose weight, however she did not want to do the work. I continued to finish the blocks to treatment with the Aggressive Energy Treatment Protocol and found that Lung and Kidney points lit up with welt-like marks. I left the needles in until the sha was inexistent. Then tonified earth acupuncture points again.

The patient already walks 20 minutes per day and does gentle yoga almost every day. She does not drink a lot of water and does not do any other form of exercise.

I suggested if she wanted to lose weight but the food is more important; then consider eating the same foods but eat less. I also told her to consider taking more time in between meals, not snack and drink water in between.

I told her after some time, to consider calorie counting and keeping a journal throughout the day. Make modifications such as have your blueberry muffin, but with a smaller portion of butter.

I also suggested a meditation practice to help control her anxiety it returns and walked her through a rhythmic breathing/meditation exercise. Though after clearing her through those three acupuncture techniques, I do not anticipate the anxiety and insomnia returning.

Being that she responded well to acupuncture, I stated it may be a good idea to come in once a month to strengthen her constitution, as acupuncture may be helpful in helping her reach her goals.

Based on acupuncture resolving her groin pain and then other chronic issues, it can be assumed that acupuncture for groin pain and other types of pain post surgical procedures can be helpful. It can also be assumed that acupuncture can resolve other chronic issues.

© Patrick Lynch MAOM, DAOM intern, CYT

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