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Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, intern

Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch has an extensive background in natural medicine. His training as a doctor in acupuncture and Oriental medicine was led by M.D.'s, N.D.'s O.D.'s, and doctors of Oriental medicine. Patrick was trained from specialists in every area of medicine by Eastern medicine and Western medicine specialists in their area of expertise. Patrick was taught how specialists in both Eastern and Western medicine treat their patients. Patrick has exceeded over 3,500 supervised clinical hours by both Eastern and Western specialists in their area of medicine, in every area of medicine.

Patrick is kind, sincere and compassionate. He wants people to feel better and goes the extra mile to pull out all stops to ensure that people feel better.

Patrick thinks outside the box and takes a global perspective into consideration with people's health challenges. He has a gift for effectively addressing acute and chronic pain. He is also gifted with addressing chronic symptoms and autoimmune presentations. Patrick implements extensive research and clinical experience with autoimmune disease, infectious disease, Lyme disease, neurological presentations, memory and mental mental health presentations, dermatological presentations, allergies, food sensitivities, cardiovascular, hepatic, renal, endocrine presentations and much more.

Patrick has personal experience with Lyme disease which almost took his life. When he figured it out, Patrick was able to conquer the debilitating Lyme related illness within 8 months. Now, Patrick has a protocol, incorporating his work and collaborative work with his favorite ND. Patrick has helped guide many people from sickness to health.

Patrick is married to a wonderful woman, Amber Lynch who is a well cultivated social worker for the Veteran's Administration. He has one son, Narayan, who loves baseball, football, soccer, skiing, mountain biking and the great outdoors.

Patrick hobbies include snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, swimming and playing guitar. Patrick values people, friendship and relationships. He is a heart centered individual and deeply cares for his friends, family and patients.

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