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Welcome to Sky Ridge Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Patrick Lynch is a holistic doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Bend Oregon. Dr. Lynch is passionate about health, healing and regeneration. If you need help managing pain, Patrick is your guy.  Patrick is known for his helping people reduce their pain in seconds.

Dr. Lynch performs pre surgery treatments to help reduce pain, lower inflammation and  help life be more manageable before surgery. Patrick also performs post surgical treatments to help reduce pain and inflammation. This assists one’s ability to do their physical therapy exercises more effectively, thus helping to speed up the healing process, so people can resume their lifestyle. Dr. Lynch is also skilled at reducing and eliminating chronic pain. Patrick Lynch is warm, caring and sincere. If you are experiencing acute and or chronic pain or other health challenges, Dr. Lynch is an excellent ally to have.

Can Autoimmune Disease be Placed in Remission?

Auto-Immune Specialist

Patrick is skilled in relieving symptoms associated with autoimmune disease, as well, many times helping people identify and address the root cause.

Remission many times is possible!

Genetic weaknesses need to be triggered and sustained to present with disease. Our approach is to help the body turn those genetic presentations off.

Symptoms associated with AFIB, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, MS, Parkinson’s early onset Alzheimer’s, numbness and tingling, pain, tissue (cartilage, tendon, bone) degeneration, scoliosis, diabetes, Hashimotos, Graves, eczema, mental health disorders (bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia), rheumatoid arthritis, migrating joint pain, fatigue, lupus, insomnia, migraines and more, can many times be reversed.

Dr. Patrick Lynch is “The Healthy People’s Doctor”.

Healthy people get stricken with disease too! It is the healthy people that understand and grasp Dr. Lynch’s protocols and return to health. Healthy people need to make fewer “temporary” lifestyle modifications on their journey back to health. As well, Dr. Lynch makes it very easy to understand how and why his Chinese herbal formulations work.

Dr. Lynch feels honored to support people with debilitating illness. With cautious and effective treatment, many times people can carefully and slowly regain their health.

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Feel Better & Reach Remission

Lyme and Autoimmune Disease Summit

Dr. Lynch's Summit will be saved and available after the live summit dates.
Please join us for the most innovative protocol to feel better faster than any treatment, and reach remission.

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